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“I started attempting to lose weight when I was 9, in third grade. Over the next 7 years I had done countless weight loss programs from seeing doctors to body wraps and taking 12 different supplements every day. Nothing worked, and I was in the 99th percentile, or morbidly obese, for my age.

“Exercising was an issue for me, as I was so out of shape, and I began to accept that I would be overweight the rest of my life. In February of 2015 I met Jay, and from then on my life has completely turned around. Not only did Jay guide me as a trainer and ensure that I was exercising properly and effectively, he also pushed and motivated me so that I could accomplish something that I couldn’t have ever dreamed about.

“Over the course of a year, I had lost 100 pounds and had gone from morbidly obese to being in the “normal” range. I had gone from having to be cautious about everything I ate and did and unable to do any exercise to being able to eat healthy and conscious choices and climb mountains, hike deserts, and exercise with ease.

“Jay has changed my life and I can honestly say that the miracle of the past year could not have been done had it not been for his intervention. Thank you Jay, thank you for making me into a completely new and healthy person who will live for many more years now that you have helped me turn my life around.”


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