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“My name is Stacie and I’ve trained with Jay Thebado for over 2 years. I lost about 45lbs in just 6 months.

“Jay taught me how to keep track of my food intake and helped me transition away from an unhealthy lifestyle (eating whatever I wanted, not exercising, and not caring about my health at all). From our first consultation up until today, Jay has been by my side, encouraging and motivating me to do my best for ME.

“Since we met, I have had extreme ups and downs spanning across various parts of my life and many times they have impacted my choices and feelings around my health and body image. Jay has consistently been there to teach and guide me on days when I felt like I couldn’t do that on my own. His personal training skills have changed the way I am able to strengthen myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

“He has been able to teach me how to exercise the right way, showing me how my body should be positioned and how to avoid injury. More importantly, his passion for helping others help themselves has increased my positivity, my perception of who I am, and seeing a brighter future.

“I used to be quite negative about the way I viewed myself and too often felt hopeless. Jay has been a consistently positive part of my life as a personal trainer and friend for almost 5 years now. I know that he can and has served a great purpose in many lives, not only by teaching proper form and exercise through private and group training sessions, but also as a trainer who understand the challenges of his clients and continually being by their side always encouraging and motivating them to do what is best for them.”


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