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Jay Thebado is a certified personal trainer based in Stoughton, MA. He specializes in working with individuals who have special needs and his clients range in age and ability. He works with clients in the Greater Boston area.

About Jay

Jay has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from UMass-Lowell and is certified in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

He is the head coach of the Norton High varsity hockey team. He is also the head coach of the Canton High freshman baseball team.

About JTPT

Jay's specialties

Special Needs

Jay works with individuals of all backgrounds. He has numerous clients on the Autism spectrum and provides everyone with a great workout and sincere friendship.

Weight Loss

Fitness is about how you feel. If you're interested in losing some extra pounds, Jay will help you do so in a healthy and productive manner. Enjoy focusing on your strength, not the scale.

Athletic Training

Jay works with young athletes who want to train for specific sports. They might focus on agility, cardio, and strength. Client sports include baseball, soccer, and football.

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Jay has been my personal trainer now for a few years. I had originally lost 60lbs with him but unfortunately stopped going to him. Now I'm BACK and I know I can do it again. He is skilled and thoughtful! Always encouraging me to be the best me! As a nurse, I recommend him highly. You won't be sorry.



I started working with Jay a few months after getting out of a partial hospitalization program. Needless to say, I was not feeling my best. But Jay immediately made me feel comfortable and worked with me as I got back on my feet. Not only did I get physically stronger but I also felt better mentally thanks to the consistent work with him.


Mom of two

Jay has been my trainer for almost two years. Before I started training with him, I had borderline cholesterol levels which normalized after just a few months. I more than achieved and maintained my weight loss goal. I am in the best shape since I was in high school which is awesome considering I am 50 years old and a mom of two teenagers. My strength, balance and overall fitness have significantly improved.



I've been working out with Jay for over two years now. When I started, my back and neck hurt constantly. Now with his attention to my overall strength and fitness, my energy level is great and I no longer have back and neck pain.

fitness and friendship

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